The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request (1996)

This is quite possibly the most underrated and overlooked album of all time. Everyone says that about Pink Moon but they’re wrong. At least, I think people say that about Pink Moon. Pink Moon seems like an album people would say that about. Pink Moon is just okay. People only really like Nick Drake because he was sad.

Their Satanic Majesties’ is one of three wildly different albums released by BJM in 1996 and it is floral in the best of ways. It is a not-so-subtle tribute to The Rolling Stones and Donovan, but it is not derivative. The Brian Jonestown Massacre took these inspirations and created something less naive and in my opinion, more interesting. The drugs are stronger and the moods darker. Songs like “Feelers”, “Anenome”, and “Miss June ’75” help define a dreamy sound that was and is entirely unique to the band.

All you dads who relate to young people by bragging about having seen Hendrix once are going to hate me for ragging on the Stones, but anyone who says they don’t prefer the KISS version of “2000 Man” is lying.

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